Thanks for all your help! You made this alot easier for me then I thought it was going to be.  Much appreciated


Posted by: K.T. a bankruptcy client, June 2014

Trusted Advisor, Excellent Attorney Experience


Posted by: Annie a contracts client, January 2014

I have been working with Christopher Mercado with my business since the beginning of 2011, I am confident in his counsel and he’s always been responsive when we are working together on negotiations and contracts.

I would recommend him to anyone starting a business, purchasing a business, or working with contracts, personally or professionally.

He wants what’s in your best interest and his knowledge makes you feel comfortable in making big business decisions.  Thank you Chris!


Can’t recommend Chris enough to prospective clients. Not your typical money-hungry lawyer…

Posted by: Teddy a Loan Mod, Mediation & Bankruptcy Client, January 2014

I have been working with Chris Mercado for the last 2-3 years on my Loan Modification, Mediation and Bankruptcy. Simultaneously, I have worked with 2 other local attorneys (supposedly with 20+ years’ experience in the industry) around the same time on other cases. I can tell you the approach couldn’t be any different. One thing I would advice prospective clients when selecting for an attorney is to not only look for experience (it matters) but also look for the chemistry, personality and sincerity in wanting to help his/her clients. Chris displays the sincerity and genuinity in wanting to help his clients by giving you personal and tailored advice (even it means that you do nothing or wait it out before deciding to engage him further). Good deeds always come around and I have referred him to other friends who are looking for an experienced and trusted attorney.

I regretted working with the other 2 attorneys.  They are in the business to not only get as much money out from me, but giving me advice and promises that are not helping my case at all. I sensed that from the outcome resulting from working with those 2 supposedly experienced “clowns in suits”, and finally decided to give Chris Mercado  a try. The outcome couldn’t be any different and he would give you advice and options that would benefit you the most, not how to string you along so as to get as much money out from you. Long story short – I am very satisfied working with Chris and couldn’t recommend him enough to other people!

Give him a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed….


Professional & Smart

Posted by: A Criminal Defense client, June 2011


Thank You!

Posted by: A Foreclosure Defense client, June 2011

I wanted to take a minute to write you a note regarding Kim Sandher. Kim has been working on our situation for a little over a month now. She has exhibited a level of professionalism that is very hard to find today.
I have been working on a mortgage loan modification since March of 2010. This experience has been a series of frustrations. Kim, However, has been a bright light in this experience . She has been very helpful and I know she is working hard on our case. She responds to my inquiries in a timely manner and is ready and willing to listen to my endless questions and concerns.
Your firm is privileged to have an associate like Kim working for you. I know regardless of the final result, Kim will have put every effort into our case. We are fortunate to have been referred to your firm.

Better than I hoped for!

Posted by: a Personal Injury client, 2 months ago

Stephanie represented me in my personal injury claim. I had been in a car accident and the insurance company didn’t even want to pay the cost of my medical bills (accident was not my fault). Stephanie took over the case and convinced the insurance company to pay all the medical bills and award me pain and suffering as well! We never had to go to court. Even though I still have residual back pain, having Stephanie represent me took away a lot of pain.

Exceptional Lawyer

Posted by: Teresa Callanan, a DUI client, 7 months ago

I had my underage son get charged with a DUI, it really scared me to death about what was going to happen next. I called Stephanie and she immediately put my mind at ease. I received constant communication from her, it was fantastic. She was ever so polite,professional and extremely knowledgable with the facts. She won the DOL case, and was able to get the DUI reduced. Fantastic!!!! Her office she works with is also so personable and helpful. What more could we ask for, the whole team was just awesome.

Wonderful Lawyer

Posted by: Kannan, a Speeding Ticket client, Few days ago.

Stephanie helped me contest my speeding ticket. She is amazing and very professional. Throughout the process I felt confident about her representing my case. She kept me informed all along and explained my options very clearly.

She finally got the ticket dismissed and off my records 🙂
I have already started recommending her to my friends.

Solid lawyer

Posted by: Rob, a DUI client, 9 months ago

Mrs. Hartung is a very trustworthy and personal lawyer who cares about her clients. She does not pass judgement and will do everything necessary to ensure you are satisfied with your outcome.

Excellent, professional experience through a tough situation

Posted by: Jim, a DUI client, about 1 year ago

Being charged with a DUI was a very difficult experience, but Stephanie having Stephanie handle my case resulted in the best possible outcome and allowed me to focus on what needed to be done so I can learn from this and move forward. She was very professional and knowledgable and the end result was better than I had expected. If you unfortunately find yourself in need of a DUI attorney, Stephanie is as good as they come.


Posted by: a DUI client, about 1 year ago.

Stephanie was amazing. She contacted me personally by phone and by email to keep me updated on my case. She gave me realistic expectations for my case and explained the legal proceedings in terms I could understand. The best part was that she got me a great deal on my DUI, which was amazing. My case was challenging and she was able to make a bad situation turn out alright. She treated me with respect and care. Even though I had commited a crime, she did not let that efftect her professionalism. If I had a question regarding my case she responded immediately and with a detailed answer. If she was unable to reach me as soon as she would have liked she would have one of her collogues contact me.

Stephanie is a fantastic lawyer and proves so through her professionalism and deligance to her clients.

Very Positive Experience

Posted by: a DUI client, about 1 year ago.

Handling the consequences of a DUI arrest was extremely difficult and stressful for me. I was very fortunate that Stephanie Hartung was willing to represent me – I found her service to be excellent.
Stephanie found the best options for me, and presented them to me clearly, in a way I could understand. I had full confidence in her when she represented me in court. Stephanie is analytical, thorough, firm and kind. I recommend her highly.

What a Nice Surprise!

Posted by: JR, a DUI client, over 1 year ago

When I first met with Stephanie I was taken aback by how young she LOOKED; it did not take me long to figure out that not only did that not matter, it most likely helped. I was absolultely amazed at her depth of knowledge. I had met other attorneys and after speaking with her in detail I soon discovered the other attorney’s information was DEAD WRONG, the law had changed in January and the other attorney’s were not up on the change 10 months later! She was able to win my DOL case which are almost impossible to win!! She was very speedy, she was able to complete everything on my case in 60 days. What a relief! I would highly recommend her.

Judges respond well to her sweet face!

Posted by: Abbey, a DUI client, over 1 year ago

Stephanie Hartung is the perfect balance between a professional and personable attorney. The hard work and time that she put into my case left me feeling calm even though it was during the most chaotic period in my life. Her work well exceeded my expectations. I am confident that she can assist anybody very efficiently who is in the same position I was.

Stephanie Hartung review as a DUI Attorney

Posted by: carolbaker300, a DUI client, about 2 years ago

Some might not know it by looking at Stephanie, but she is a highly aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. I feel very fortunate to have had her as my lawyer. She is not without life experiences, and is able to walk that fine line of being able to councel emotionally, as well as professionally.

I won my DOL case only becauce she knew more about what was needed to arrest for a DUI than my officer, and had my DUI reduced to NEG 1.

Even in the event of a loss, I felt cofident she did everything she could for me.

I do recommened her as your lawyer, if you have need. Athough, I pray I never have the same need.

Best regards.

Seatac Washington

Great lawyer!

Posted by: a DUI client, about 2 years ago

Stephanie helped me during a difficult time in my life! I hope I never have to, but I’d hire her again in second!